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Mobile App Design and Development

Mobile APP Design, Development and Deployment

Technology Based Learning and Research is the front end developer of mobility at Arizona State University. Through the utilization of cutting-edge tools and end-to-end development services, our skilled coders, designers, user-interface developers and instructional specialists create and release iOS and Android mobile apps in the EdTech space that boast an overall phenomenal user experience (UX). Our mobile apps are known for their game changing innovation and functionality. Our team works with clients to identify critical app features, understand market and industry standards, provide constructive product testing, and commercialize with complete market release and integration. 

Film and Media

Film and Media

The TBLR Film and Media team features multi-award winning single-camera and multi-camera services with a revolutionary production process that captures high quality footage for a variety of purposes including marketing projects, professional development programs, live event capture, proposal submissions, online tutorials, research highlights and more. We will work with you to produce high quality results from start to finish. Our services include audio and video (pre-production, production, post-production), animation, and photography (basic digital still, 360°). "We film all of our projects in full HD, utilizing green screen technology to develop any media necessary. We obtain the best results at any budget, regardless of style." -Chris LaMont, Media Director 

Research and Evaluation

Innovation and Business Development Services

TBLR proactively brokers critical partnerships internally within Arizona State University and externally with established and startup companies to develop cloud-based, social media-minded mobile initiatives. We offer resources and incubation space for EdTech entrepreneurships to build and commercialize apps from conceptualization to market. We also provide business-to-business consulting and large scale commercialization of products. 

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TBLR and Massively Parallel Technology's revolutionary Visual Engagement Mapping software was recently featured on Eight, Arizona PBS's AZ HORIZON series.

In a collaboration with Massively Parallel Technologies, TBLR is finally ready to announce our revolutionary Visual Engagement Mapping software.