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Professor, Educational Leadership and Innovation
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC)

Senior Technology Advisor
Learning Sciences Institute (LSI)

Executive Director
Technology Based Learning and Research (TBLR)
Apps Developed at TBLR: Android, IPhone, IPad



Math and Math Assessment Apps

IPhone Math Apps
IPhone Math Practice, Drill, Exercise, Test, Assessment, Exam Apps

IPad Math Apps
IPad Math Practice, Drill, Exercise, Test, Assessment, Exam Apps

Android Math Apps
Android Math Practice, Drill, Exercise, Test, Assessment, Exam Apps

Common Core Standards Apps for IPhone, IPad, and Android


Math Apps by Strand

Number and Operations: IPhone, IPad, Android

Algebra: IPhone, IPad, Android

Geometry: IPhone, IPad, Android

Measurement: IPhone, IPad, Android

Data Analysis and Probability: IPhone, IPad, Android

Process: IPhone, IPad, Android


Math Apps by KInd

Number Recognition and Writing: IPhone, IPad, Android

Games: IPhone, IPad, Android

Puzzles: IPhone, IPad, Android

Illusions: IPhone, IPad, Android

Fun Facts: IPhone, IPad, Android

References: IPhone, IPad, Android

Video Clips: IPhone, IPad, Android

Tools: IPhone, IPad, Android


Educational Apps

Educational iOS Apps broken down to categories

A Comprehensive Guide to educational apps

50 Resources for IPad Use in the Classroom

Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps

APP ED Review


Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College offers challenging education programs that prepare highly qualified and successful teachers, leaders, and researchers.

Learning Sciences Institute

The Learning Science Institute (LSI) is designed as a university-wide initiative to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among ASU researchers and to provide support for investigators who conduct externally-funded research on learning, the conditions and behaviors that influence it, and innovations that can maximize it.

Technology Based Learning and Research

Technology Based Learning and Research - TBLR's main goal is to provide a unified structure to coordinate various technology-based research and development projects in the context of learning and education.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University, ASU's mission is to establish the universityas the model for a New American University, measured not by who we exclude, but rather by who we include; pursuing research and discovery that benefits the public good; assuming major responsibility for the economic, social, and cultural vitality and health and well-being of the community.

Recent Talks

Using Video-Based APPs for Coaching and Professional Development (PD)
April 9, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana

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